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Centennial, Aurora, and Parker, CO

I just can’t express how lucky we all feel to have found you 20 years ago. You really are the best! I know this because on the “rare” occasions that you have sent any of us to specialist, other dentists marvel at the work inside our mouths. I also want to thank you for treating my own apprehensions with such care. You never make me feel inferior. I also appreciate those follow-up calls. You really do care about your patients.
Jan Weber

I would like to thank Dr. Wallace and his entire staff for their caring attitude and professional delivery of dental treatment. A thorough assessment was performed utilizing high technology equipment. I was given a detailed consultation including "before and after" photographs, a complete explanation for recommended treatment, and financial documentation identifying each procedure and cost. One of their priorities was to maintain a painless and comfortable environment – THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL! This experience was pleasant, giving me a healthy and attractive smile. As a nurse and a teacher it is important to connect with others. With a brighter smile I have the confidence to be more expressive and flash a smile more often. To anyone who hesitates before they smile or laugh and allows it to interfere in your professional and personal relationships see Dr. Wallace.
Thank you,
Rona Kiser

Dr. Wallace replaced the top four front teeth of my mouth with laminates. Before I had this done my two front teeth were larger than normal and the two teeth on the sides were smaller than normal. When I smiled I was very conscious of how big my teeth were. Some people even commented on them. After Dr. Wallace fixed my teeth I felt very good about myself and my smile. I didn't worry anymore because they were straight, white and perfect. To this day I still get compliments on how beautiful my teeth look. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is considering: it totally changes your smile and makes you feel great about yourself. On top of all of this Dr. Wallace and his staff did a great job, they make it very easy to get through the procedure.

Your business model clearly puts the patient/customer first in all aspects of your practice. In fact, my wife & I have begun to use your business model and customer orientation as our measurement guide when seeking all the other services needed in today’s busy world.
Jason Lopez

Dear Dr. Wallace & Staff,
It seems redundant to say a visit to the dentist was a pleasure; however it was more pleasant than I’ve ever experienced in dental work, which covers nearly 70 years. I had taken a book to read because I found I usually have had a 15 minute or so wait, however this was not the case; before I could find my place in the book a very pleasant young woman escorted me down the hall to the chair; because of her friendly banter as we walked I didn’t feel I was taking the “green mile”. To my amazement the time went by fast and without pain or anxiety. Everyone was warm and friendly not only to their patients but also to one another. I could tell they enjoyed working together creating a warm atmosphere. Thank you for your kindness.
Jean Keeney

Before I had the veneers most people thought I either had crooked lips or had a stroke. My smile wasn’t very nice. Since the veneers I’ve had nothing but compliments and questions on how I got my teeth to look so nice. I’m very proud of the way my smile is and my wife is extremely happy with the way things turned out.
GL Ferris
PS I wear the night guard religiously!

I was truly blown away by how natural the results were. The experience as a whole went way beyond my expectations. I find it so easy to smile and show off their wonderful work! Thanks for everything and helping me get my smile back!
James Banks

Thank you for the great dental care we have received from your office. All of the staff has been very courteous and helpful with any appointments and insurance issues. We have never hesitated to refer friends to your office for their dental needs.
Donna & Lee Koenig

As you know, I am the world’s biggest baby when it comes to dental care. But somehow your staff always manages to calm my fears, and you’ve always taken special care to be sensitive to my low threshold for pain. Keep up the good work!
Larry Brake

Dr Wallace & Staff: Adequate words are hard to find that describe my deep, heartfelt gratitude to you guys – your skills and craftsmanship can only be surpassed by your genuine caring and giving. Thank you so much,